June 10, 2022


十大赌博网站学校2022年毕业班享受了周五早上作为家人的传统, friends, faculty, and staff gathered at Wheeler Farm for the school’s 133rd Commencement. 在过去的一年里,各种仪式和社区体验稳步恢复,这些仪式和社区体验如果没有因大流行而暂停的话,也会受到很大影响, the joyous ceremony was the culmination of the graduates’ hard work, struggles, 以及他们在高中大部分时间所面临的不确定性中取得的成功.

In her welcome to those in attendance and watching online, Head of School Allison Gaines Pell P’23, P’25 感谢2022届毕业生用“多么大的韧性”激励了成年人和年轻学生, fortitude, flexibility, and positivity could look like.”

“While at times, you may have wanted to put your heads in the sand, instead you turned around and led us forward,” she said. “You took what the world gave you and spun gold from straw.”

AGP讲述了想象力的独特力量,并分享了纽约市第一条地铁的发展故事. Alfred Beach, 谁想的用气动管道为车站之间的火车提供运输工具, 没能说服有权势的政客威廉"老板"特威德允许这个项目通过. With his own creative approach, 比奇发明了一种可以代替邮件的管道的概念证明, 但直到1888年的暴风雪,人们才需要一种适应天气变化的旅行系统. By 1904, the first subway was finally ready.

Head of School Allison Gaines Pell P’23, P’25

她要求学生们记住参与地铁建设的每一个方面的成千上万的人, both above and below the ground, and the determination behind the idea itself. “That’s imagination, 不仅有坚韧的人们推动,还有自然事件的影响,它本可以让人感到绝望,但却激发了可能性,” AGP said. “Consider that if it weren’t for that blizzard, the convergence of will and imagination may not have happened.”

校长随后呼吁学生们运用他们的想象力来改善自己和他们的社区. “将你想象的变成现实——无论它是你生活中的表现, with a friend or a partner, for a difficult moment you have to endure, for a new project or job or piece of music you know the world needs. Will your imagination of a kinder community, a deeper connection, a thoughtful and not reactive response, a supportive listener into being.”

Following AGP’s welcome, the Wheeler Concert Handbell Ringers performed “Reverberations,” and Board of Trustees Vice-President James Kase P’11, P’18, P’18, P’21 addressed the graduates. “This is your special day,” he said. “我们在这里庆祝你们的成就,也庆祝你们影响周围世界的人生旅程的下一阶段的开始.”

Board of Trustees Vice-President James Kase P’11, P’18, P’18, P’21

Upper School Language Teacher Betsy Nickerson P’11, P’14 then offered the invocation, while student remarks were delivered by Senior Class Co-Presidents Lila Rizvi ‘22 and Carl Wehbe ‘22.

高级联合主席Lila Rizvi ' 22(右)和Carl Wehbe ' 22(左)

Wehbe说:“我们必须摆脱我们正在努力做好准备的想法. “We are ready. 我们有工具,是时候回报对教师的投资了, family, and friends have made in us. It is time to make our impact.”

“After years of growing up together, our class of 88 will be dispersed in new and unfamiliar places,” Rizvi said. “I hope that in moments of uncertainty, we will return to our instinctively kind and welcoming nature; that we will overcome our fears and create a new home by connecting with others; and that we will be brave and talk to strangers with the knowledge that you’re on the same team.”

Michael L. Littman PhD, 布朗大学计算机科学卓越教学罗伊斯家族教授, 他在今年的毕业典礼上发表了演讲,并谈到了他对人工智能的研究如何让他采用了一种生活哲学, 他以极具影响力的统计学家乔治·博克斯的名字命名,称之为“激进博克斯主义”. 利特曼说,他倾向于认为统计数据“相当枯燥和疏远”,他强调,该领域“试图做一些典型的人性的事情”.

“它试图利用所提供的信息来预测未来可能发生的事情. If our minds have one job, it’s that–take in information about the world, and turn it into insights that can help us achieve our goals.”

他说,他的哲学来自于Box的两个基本教训,即“所有模型都是错误的”, but some are useful.” The first, from “All models are wrong,是一个“要谦虚的警告”,避免狭隘地关注一个人的世界观或对事件的解释. The second lesson, taken from “but some are useful,” is about empowerment, despite the vague nature of the statement. “It leaves it up to us to decide what ‘useful’ means. It reminds us that everything we try to do is a choice.”

Michael L. Littman, PhD

利特曼说,人类的道德和伦理史就是一部“询问何为善”的历史, to be worthy,我们共同决定,随着时间的推移,通过分享想法,变得更加包容和人道, debating, disagreeing, and figuring life out together. “I don’t think that’s us slowly discovering the truth. 我认为是我们改变了对什么有用,什么对我们重要的看法.” Due to the fallibility of individuals, 关于社会认为什么是“有用的”的重大决定不能留给任何一个人, he argued.

“Without these conversations, we can’t work together. 我们不能实现激进的义和团哲学,并决定什么是有用的. We can’t be human.”

He closed by sharing his hope that graduates would leave “excited, empowered,” and ready to engage the wider world.”

“We may have computers and power tools, 但我们需要你的精力和洞察力来找出它们的用处,” Littman said.

After Littman’s address, 18十大赌博网站乐队为典礼带来了自己的活力,他们表演了“For Forever”,当2022届毕业班的每一位成员都走上讲台领取毕业证时,这种兴奋之情仍在继续.

Commencement ended in song

毕业典礼的结束和开始一样,洋溢着强烈的社区和传统意识. Dana Watkins P’19, College Counseling Administrative Assistant, gave the benediction on behalf of Marc Harrison P’16, P’21, Upper School Science Faculty and Upper School Unity & Diversity Coordinator, and finally, everyone joined to sing “Take Up the Song” and Wheeler’s Alma Mater, together.

Visit the Commencement 2022 website.

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